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Instruction Guide [IOS][SHORTCUTS]Playlist selector
Pieter in a post [iOS] [HOW-TO] Voice Control with Siri Shortcuts detailed how one can control moode with commands such as mpc play using IOS Shortcuts. The underying mechanism being scripting via ssh.

This post extend that post to show how you can select playlists for playback using the same mechanism. It is much easier than you might imagine.
This first screenshot shows the shortcut running on my ipad. A list is displayed of playlists.  You select a playlist and the shortcut will use shh to excute mpc clear, mpc load the selected playlist, mpc play

This screenshot shows that you create a shortcut (I called mine Moode Playlist). 
Search for "List" and select. Amend the List to contain the names of your moOde playlist files minus the m3u extension. 
Search for "Choose from List" and select.
This screenshot shows the ssh part of this.
Search for SSH. Select "Run Script Over SSH"
Press on Show More
Complete Host, User and Password
After input is an area where you add you commands
add mpc clear
add mpc load " then click on "Chosen Item" in the variables suggestions immediately below and then add "
add mpc play

That is it.  V important that Chosen Item is surrounded by quotes.

1. There is roughly 2 seconds delay between selecting a playlist and your selection playing. I run Moode on a Pi W i don't know whether it would be faster using the larger pi's;
2. You can of course ask siri to run the shortcut. If you do you might be surprised at the outcome. I have a iphone 6S which has a small screen. My list has 8 playlists. Siri tells me there are 8 options and shows me the first 6, reads them out and ask "do you want one of these" If I say "No" she tells me "we have more" shows me the remaining 2 and says which one. You speak the name of the playlist you want.  If I get Siri to run the shortcut on my ipad she can show all 8 so doesn't need to invoke that "paging" logic.

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