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Level difference between Airplay and SpotifyConnect
I have a Pi4 plugged into an RME ADI-2 DAC.  I have normalization off, and all of the starting volumes in moOde set to 100%.

When I Airplay from Spotify, the RME input meter peaks at around -.5dB as expected.  When I send the same songs to moode via SpotifyConnect, the DAC's input meter is pegged at "OVER" and I swear I hear a hint of clipping.

RME has special WAV files to verify bit-perfect, untouched playback.  Moode passes that test when I play them via Airplay, so there seems to be something different about the SpotifyConnect side.

It's prolly due to differences in how the Airplay and Spotify renderers handle volume. All moOde does when a renderer is activated is set ALSA volume to 0dB (100%) and then step out of the way.
Spotify has settings for general volume (normal, loud, very loud) and normalisation. Don't know if this is applied at playback via renderer. But you can test.

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