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Spotify "can't play this right now"

I just installed moode in an Rpi 4B using a Hifiberry DAC+ Pro.  When I try to use Spotify through a phone running Android 11, moode is greyed out in the selection menu with a note saying "can't play this right now" (see screenshot below).  On iOS 14, moode doesn't show up as a Spotify endpoint at all.  Airplay works fine.  Welcome any advice.  Thank you!

Same here Sad
Can you confirm that in the Audio Config you have turned 'ON' and 'SET' Spotify and that you have a Spotify Premium account?
All I did was enter "can't play this right now" and Google spat back the URL

I suggest you read it.

it's back on.
it was not the problem described in the spotify forum (song grayed out).
Here the device was grayed out, unable to choose Moode.
As Alain93 said, the Spotify thread linked above is in regards to a different issue. Welcome any further advice.
The link @TheOldPresbyope  provided is actually for the same problem. If you look at the screen shot in it, the device is greyed out.  The responders have however answered a different question which is a bit annoying.

This one mentions several situations and solutions and it might help:
Thanks. This appears to have resolved after a number of RPi restarts. Not sure what the issue was, but all is well. Appreciate everyone's help.

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