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Newbie just learning about Moode (and figuring out it really helps to turn up the volume in Moode), here is my setup for now.

[Image: 2l8dac.jpg]

Speakers are Klipsch RB81-II, I forgot where i got the stands from.
DAC is Arcam FMJ D-33, soon to be replace by something much nicer ;-)
Amplifier is homebuilt by me, based on the KT77 with 6922 as driver and also uses a pair of 866A Mercury vapour and 6AU4 tubes for rectification of the high voltage.

[Image: uubgk.jpg]

The 866A's have a nice blue glow to them, which look even nicer when the room is dark :-)
I made a bit of a logo on the side (JP are my initials) which i quite like.

My Raspberry Pi and M2Tech hiface evo are laying in a corner (not worthy of a picture just yet) and i'll eventually make an enclosure for it.
Some nice DIY :-)

Do u use a subwoofer? Klipsch has a nice lineup of subs.


I had such a wave of nostalgia when I saw your pic I had to sit for a minute. W-a-a-y back when Kennedy was president I build a 1KW amateur radio transmitter using 866 rectifiers and 304TL triodes in the final. All parts were scrounged from military surplus. The blue glow of the Hg-vapor, the red glow of filaments, and the yellow glow of the dials on my receiver made it a joy to work in a darkened room.

My HiFi ambitions were more modest (teenagers didn't have much money in those days). Eico and then Dynakit audio gear culminating with the Dynakit PAS3 preamp and ST40 amp and KLH6 acoustic suspension speakers (I bought the first one year and the second a year later as I accumulated funds).

In those days, Klipschorns were these ginormous boxes sitting in the corners of the audio store's listening room and lusted after by we mere mortals.

Good times.  Thanks for the memory.


PS - I still have those KLHs!
Nope, no subwoofer in my system.
For me and my little room where all this audio gear lives, the Klipsch puts out enough oomph.

Yeah, I really like the 866's as well. You've just put a thought in my head about building an amateur radio transmitter!
I'm sure i'd need a permit to broadcast on the normal FM band....nah, i'm not going to bother with all the paperwork of that, just don't sell me out, lol!
Found a cast-off Nakamichi clock-radio at the recycle store.
Just right for a Pi, a DAC, infra-red receiver, and a couple of oleds.

The infra-red receiver uses the Pi 3.3v and the oleds are paralleled each with its own address and powered from the Pi 5v via a regulator to 3.3v.

When idle the displays are duplicated.
When playing the left-hand display shows the file information and the right continues to show the clock and ip address.

They're configured using...

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I'd try to get rid of the time indication on the left display... The format of the song would be great, MP3, FLAC...

And maybe someone knows how to "blank" the display when idle...
Can you make a complete manual out of this, with your programming, schematics, blablabla...?

Bad sound kills good music
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Recycling an old AVO-style meter..... unfortunately this case was found in a damp shed with its innards rusted solid and beyond repair   Sad .
Like this item.... only munted...
The case was in very poor cosmetic condition and required a lot of work to restore.

Normal operation is with the cover up and it looks like an item of test equipment.
Flip the cover down and there is the oled and infra-red receiver.

I would have liked to have the infra-red receiver mounted elsewhere so it could operate without the lid being open...however, these old Baekelite cases for electrical test equipment have asbestos filler to increase isolation safety.
Its fine and safely sealed provided one doesn't drill, sand, scratch, or otherwise degrade the surface.

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