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Yer not moving to a Mini-House are u :-0

You're right, you can "shape" t any way you want, which is something I really like.
Though before I installed the HC1, I did test throughput and stability on the pi3B+, and found that stability was somewhat of an issue during high load/volume down or uploads to the machine. I would guess this would be improved a lot with the pi4. But that was the reason for me to choose the HC1: you can run huge amounts of network traffic to it, and it will just keep going.

(09-06-2019, 09:39 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Yer not moving to a Mini-House are u :-0

My SO is captivated by the Tiny House phenomenon. I believe she's thinking we'd relive the good times she had as a kid when her dad used to take her family camping in an RV. It's not for me! 

But seriously, we are thinking about a house in a retirement community which is single storey (compared to our current 4+ storey townhouse) and has a very modest amount of storage space. We shall see!

Time to show a quick view of my daily listening equipment

[Image: 67149286349b5b04b39441fb8a3b9ca3e3c0e9c8...75ef54.jpg]
Yamaha Studio HS's :-) I have same + the HS8S Sub.
(11-07-2019, 02:44 PM)SkripT Wrote: Time to show a quick view of my daily listening equipment

I too have a Pioneer Kuro (plasma) and a Dune HD player... Nice!
(11-07-2019, 03:19 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Yamaha Studio HS's :-) I have same + the HS8S Sub.

Nice to hear that Tim! I had the HS8 and I loved it but in this new room with neightbours around I changed them  for the HS7 and I'm glad too. They are a very decent monitor speakers for their price!

BTW: is there a big improvement in the sound with the HS series Sub? I was thinking in buying one...

@gbh_uk thank you! The Dune was my old audio player before Moode. Besides it,  It's a great video player with superb image quality. That Pio Kuro has become a bit small but I love its image quality. Not sure if change it for an Oled still  Smile
For sure the HS8 Sub is must have. The great thing about Pro-Audio speaks are the tuning controls. You should be able to blend that sub perfectly with the 7's and start enjoying rock solid BASS :-)
Thanks, for the info Tim.  Now I know what  will be my self present for next christmas  Smile


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