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Idea: X-mas wishlist
Ho, ho, ho!

Hi there. 
1st of all, a BIG thank You for this great piece of work!

So, I've been using moOde for a couple  of weeks now  and collected some ideas for improvement.  Big Grin

I'm using it on desktop - so these ideas are mainly interesting for desktop users...

1. more detailed song info (like comment, album artist, performer etc)
    -- showing it maybe like the audio info overlay, but only with infos regarding the file playing

2. switching the albumcover between all covers that are stored in the file
    -- maybe with an additional option to select a specific one

3. lyrics - ok, I've been looking into this a bit and realize, that it is not quite easy to obtain them easy and for free with good results - even more, when having songs that are not so common. But I gained a somehow good result with genius lyrics and managed to catch them with a python lib - so it is doable with some effort
  -- so a lyrics button would be really nice - maybe showing them in an overlay... and an option to enter a personal api key for the lyrics provider

4. better linking to the usb/nas drive
  it's generally my wish to see a more fluent usability when browsing the library.
  a tree-view of the folders would be nice eg.

  -- my main point here is, that when I browse to a folder and add it to the playlist and then move back to the player view I can switch back to the folder by clicking on the album cover - BUT this is not granted! often I land on the top level of the folder view... why?? The file that's beeing played has the information of its directory - so it shouldn't be a problem to jump there.

  -- a link to the folder in the contextmenu of the files in the playlist would be also great!

5. Cover view button
  -- maybe I don't see it because I have the automatic option enabled?
     But, nevertheles - it would be really helpful to have a link to the player view and the cover view in the menues - so that one can easily go there when you are in the setup pages or elsewhere with no instant option to go 'home'

So far - thank You and a have nice christmas time!

Cheers, Stephan
So, today I installed v.7 and was really glad about the improvements - a BIG thank You again.

Some points of my wishlist already have been touched - great!  Smile 

The song info is much better now - but I still miss the 'Comment tag'!  
If I had the time and felt like I added some interesting infos to the comment tag, like the Band setup, in case of a concert recording maybe the name of the event and location or any other interesting information

for example a live recording of George Duke in Indonesia has this comment:
George Duke - Keyboards / Christian McBride - Bass / Ronald Bruner Jr. - Drums / / JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2010 / March 6th, C1 Hall JiExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta - Indonesia

So far - have a blessed Christmas time!

Cheers, Stephan

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