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radiostations - subfolders
I organize my own radiostations in subfolders of the "Radio" folder, for example "DE" and "CH" for my german and swiss stations.

Upto version 8.1 I could change in this folders to display and play these stations.

The new icon-view displays the subfolders as small icons, but I can't change no more in these folders.

Is there a solution I don't find?
I'm pretty sure enabling folders is probably going to take some coding. I'll investigate.

Couple of nice browsing features coming in the next moOde 4.2 update :-)

- The RADIO folder is back in the Browse panel w/o any logos for fast navigation, including subfolders.
- The Radio panel supports subfolders
- Folders and radio stations are sorted with articles (a/and/the) excluded, similar to Albums in the Library for example

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