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Trouble with moOde 7.0.1 and UPNP

I have the following problem. I am using RPI 3B + Audiophonics sound card and Sabre9038Q2M. I was using Moode Audio version 6.7.1 and everything was fine. Now I have installed the version 7.0.1 file from the image and have problems with UPNP streaming. After a few minutes, playback stops and noise appears.
Menu/Configure/Audio - scroll to UPnP section press EDIT button and try the OpenHome services.
I try this sugestion.  Not work.
Usual advice at this point is to either re-flash a fresh image, change as little as you need to get sound out and test it. Or to reboot and post the startup log (moodeutl -l)

You've left out 3/4 of the story. What is the UPnP control point? What is the UPnP media server? What are the UPnP Renderer settings on your moOde 7.0.1 player?

I use Audirvana to listen to files.
Installed on a computer with an i7 processor and 16Mb RAM.
I tried to change the settings in moode UPNP but it did not help.
The forum search feature would uncover this.

Maybe some wisdom for you in there?
This problem with Audirvana could be due to changes made to upmpdcli, which Moode uses for its UPnP capabilities. Upmpdcli has always handled bog-standard UPnP-AV and OpenHome streams and in the past combined them both into a single service. But it was found that this approach caused issues with Bubble UPnP, so upmpdcli now provides a dedicated service for UPnP-AV and another completely separate one for OpenHome.

Hence whereas previously it may have been possible to stream content to Moode from apps which aren't compatible with OpenHome (such as MusicBee, MediaMonkey, JRiver and Audirvana), its likely that this will now require the UPnP-AV service to be running. If I was you @mrudzin I would be checking to ensure that this is switched on - this can easily be done from UPnP config in Moode's UI.

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