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Solved: No Sound
Hello, new user here. I installed Moode and got it working well weekend before last (RPi 4 2GB, no hat). This past weekend I turned off the RPi and unplugged the external SSD to load a bunch of albums that I have been ripping to ALAC format. When I booted back up (and updated w/ new content) I get no sound whatsoever. Everything appears to be working (music looks like it's playing on Moode.local interface) but there is no sound whatsoever. This includes AirPlay, radio stations, streaming services (Tidal) or any MPD including mini SD or external drive. I am using USB with Ares II DAC. I switched cables and confirmed that the DAC is working. The RPi appears to be working otherwise, just no sound at all. Can anyone point me to the likely issue, or explain how to troubleshoot such a thing? Thank you!
Reboot and post the output from the commands below.

moodeutl -l

aplay -l

amixer -c2
Fixed. Output was not set to USB. No idea how that happened. Tyler Durden  Huh

Thank you-

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