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equalization AND crossfeed
@Alaini93 we where just talking abou a hypothetical implementation and the impact on moOde
So currently there is no planned intention to my knowledge to actually make it unless a dev volunteers for it.

CamillaDSP FIR filters required an impulse response specific for each sample rate.
So you have to resample everything to the same rate or supply the impulse reposen for each samplerate.
Or you use such filters only with specific music,

AutoEq supply defaults the IR's for 44k1 and 48k. But you can generate for other samplerates your self.
If you use the AutoEq PEQ setting you will not have the issue at all (work with any samplerate)

Depending on your CamillaDSP configuration (assumed you only have ir for 44k1 and 48k):
  • it will not play with anyother samplerate, which resulta in a error message in moOde.
  • or play it with a wrong ir file for this sample rate.
CamilladDSP can not dynamically bypass the configuration on a invalid match.
Thanks for the clarification
RPi 3B+, HifiBerry DAC+Pro, MoOde 7.1.0
(03-02-2021, 03:27 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote: @the_bertrum

I feel like I'm only a few pages ahead of you in a very big reading assignment Tongue 

I know the theory but I'm not proficient with the practice.

As a teaser, I've received a private communication showing a trial construction of a crossfeed solution implemented in CamillaDSP. Lots to be done yet, but very promising.

In principle, CamillaDSP can subsume everything else but in practice it's hard to beat the simpler user menus for the existing equalizers. Kinda like using a drill press instead of a 5-axis machining center when all you want to do is make a hole.


I too would love both EQ and crossfeed.  I am perfectly willing to do it manually in the DSP interface, but I'm not sure how to implement the cross feed portion...
@tgray follow the links in and you will be fine ;-)

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