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Problem: Bluetooth receiver disconnected after reboot

I'm running actual Version 4.2 and are happy to see, that my main task to hear internet radio and MP3s via a Philips BT receiver is working very stable. Before I tried Kodi...

I am developing software as well and I find moOde a great work!

It is noticeable, that the used receiver will not automatically reconnected, after a reboot.

Via ssh it is sucsessfull to run "/var/www/command/ -C <BT-MAC>".

I plan to implement a power-off/on button, when moOde is not used for a longer time.

As long as a reconnect is possible only manually, it is light cumbersome to start putty after powering on.

Should MoOde make a BT reconnect automatically, or is it intended not to reconnect?

Hi Onurbi,

moOde's startup routine in worker.php starts the BT controller but does not currently reconnect to a BT sink.

I'll add the feature to the TODO list :-)

(07-29-2018, 09:51 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: I'll add the feature to the TODO list :-)

Thanks, would be fantastic!


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