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Github api is currently rate limited
I was running the following issue and was unable to complete Step 11 in the installation process:

*** Github api is currently rate limited - please try again after Thu 9 Aug 19:47:31 EDT 2018

After some research on rpi-update I determined that I needed my own GitHub API key.

I created that by following the instructions here:

I wasn't sure what permissions to give the key so I gave it full access.

I then updated /home/pi/mosbuild/ (I can't seem to find the file now that the install has finished) to update the rpi-update line to include "GITHUB_API_TOKEN=<api token created above>" as mentioned here:

After making those changes I was able to complete the installation with a reboot.

Anyways, I hope that helps anyone that runs into this issue.
Just wanted to mention I ran into this again and thought I'd provide some more information.

In you need to update line 749 to look like this:

echo "y" | PRUNE_MODULES=1 GITHUB_API_TOKEN="<api token>" rpi-update $KERNEL_HASH

Hopefully this helps someone other then myself, haha.

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