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Loud ticking noise when music is paused/shift song
(09-15-2018, 04:00 PM)miklau Wrote: Thanks for advice aBrianH. I did try it and there was unfortunately no change to the ticking...

I do belive this is hardware related to the ASRC module using the SRC4192 from Twisted pear audio. I found this thread on the TI community stating that the "output data is not always zero even if the input stream is zero" and that it is "normal behavior". The only solution is to bypass the SRC4192 or use the mute function...

I am waiting for a IsolatorPi and maybe this could help somehow even through I am not sure if this help after I found the TI thread...

So making a small script with a pull function for a mute pin could be a small project for me  Smile So if anyone have a good advice on how to build a script please let me know Smile Any help is more than welcome

It may suggest something but I changed the same rPI from the USB DAC to an i2s device and the noise between tracks almost became silent. Best for your searches.
If more users ask for it I can look into it. Just keep in mind that features compete with one another to get on the TODO list and have dev's look at them, and they compete with dev's time for troubleshooting and support.

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