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Solved: SDTV output
I was having trouble getting video output on the composite SDTV port of my raspberry pi B. I found that worker.php was issuing "tvservice -p" at startup, negating anything I tried with /etc/rc.local to manipulate the tv output.
By commenting this out as in
 the composite output worked okay.
Curious, what's your usage scenario for composite TV?
hello, this works for me.
In my case I'm going to use a 4-inch video screen, it is perfect for my project.
(09-03-2018, 02:27 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Curious, what's your usage scenario for composite TV?
Whoops, somehow missed this reply until DELGADEIN bumped the thread. For small screens on embedded projects, there aren't a lot of good affordable options with HDMI. There are some affordable small GPIO-based screens like Adafruit's piTFT, but they consume several pins. On the other hand, there's plenty of cheap composite screens out there for scavenge or purchase. My project involved hiding a 6" screen behind an antique radio's display glass. The viewing setup was intentionally sub-optimal, so composite signal fidelity was plenty good.

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