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Touchscreen Support
Can anyone tell me if moOde supports the smaller touch screens such as the Addafruit ones like the one below?

What do you mean by "support"?
(09-06-2018, 03:09 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: What do you mean by "support"?

The moOde main web page for release 4.2 has this: "Pi Touchscreen and local display" listed as a feature.
Which Pi Touchscreen?
There is more than one Pi Touchscreen available and the one I pointed to is one of the smaller ones.
Is the size for the one I pointed to too small for the moOde UI?
Does moOde come with the driver for this touch screen?
If not can it easily be added by the user? 

The official Pi 7" Touchscreen is commonly referred to as just Pi Touchscreen, Pi Touch or Pi 7" Touch.

moOde only provides built-in support for the Pi 7" Touchscreen and locally attached HDMI displays. Other manuf touch screens especially if they require custom drivers or OS settings are responsibility of user to integrate.

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