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Solved: Moode 4.2 + Kali reclocker I2S out click/pop when track starts
I have a click/pop every time I press play after stop/pause. It seems when the mpd starts I hear this pop. When it's playing then everything (even previos/next) is fine with no pops/clicks, native DSD plays fine also. I use Moode 4.2 with rPi3 -> Allo Kali reclocker -> I2S HDMI LVDS board -> PS Audio DAC. With Allo DigiOne over coax everything was perfect. Volume control is disabled and as a output audio device I use: "Generic-2 (rpi-dac)" is this the right one? Is this software or hardware issue?

The symptom suggests a hardware or possibly an EMI issue.

What does the manufacturer of the I2S HDMI LVDS board specify for I2S driver?
This is no name board, absolutely no info. Audiophonics sells it with their streamer thats why I thougt it would be compatible.

I'll try to contact Audiophonics about the hardware problem.
(09-12-2018, 05:46 PM)SAV Audiophonics Wrote: Hello,

This products is compatible
Can you test another solution software : picore player or diet pi, i thinks it's a software problem

I'm waiting your answer
Best regards

Maze Grégroy

What a wonderful world! I'll try these other players and that should sort it out I think...
Audiophonics sent a replacement unit Audio-GD HDMI LVDS and now everything works great! They confirmed to me it was a hardware problem.
Glad to hear its been resolved :-)
I have now used it (pi3 -> kali -> audio-GD I2S HDMI LVDS out) little bit more and sometimes I still hear a pop when song starts or stops after clicking play/pause, never between songs or during. I think it may be caused by rPi's I2S signal, it seems to be stopped when mpd stops and started when mpd starts. Makes sense?

So I put Kali+Audio-GD I2S HDMI LVDS on top of Allo Sparky running Volumio and no pops, complete silence like it should be.

Did some critical listening too and I can't hear any change in SQ.

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