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Problem: Issue with Blutooth in 4.1

Bluetooth is all fixed in upcoming release 4.2. Release date TBD.

Hey Tim, any idea of a release date on 4.2
@Tim Curtis
I'm struggling to connect my Sony NWZ-A15 via bluetooth. Moode will discover the player but the player won't discover moode. Do you got any idea to solve my problem?
Bluetooth is broken in 4.1. Its all fixed and rock solid in 4.2 but release is TBD.
I'm using moode v. 4.1 on rpi zero hw + justboom amp hat zero. The phone sees the moode, but it plays with interrupts. I read that this is possible on rpi zero w because of the location of bluetooth and wi-fi on one bus. Tell me where you can tweak the code so that when connected via bluetooth wi-fi is disabled.
Sorry for my English, this is google translate.
Its most likely the unstable Bluetooth stack in 4.1.

I often play my Apple Music subscription via Bluetooth to a ZeroW and its rock solid using the new Bluetooth stack in moOde 4.2 :-)

(06-14-2018, 12:30 PM)Тим Кертис Wrote: Скорее всего, это неустойчивый стек Bluetooth в 4.1.

Я часто играю свою подписку Apple Music через Bluetooth на ZeroW и ее твердое тело, используя новый стек Bluetooth в moOde 4.2 :-)

My wife listens to music only from the phone and tablet, because for her to connect an amplifier is a whole problem. And I'm looking forward to release 4.2, so that my ears are rested from the awful sound of the phone's speakers.
Any word yet on a release date for 4.2 ??
Any chance to try the beta 4.2? Bluetooth support was the reason to choose moode audio. I‘ve got a stretch lite working with bluetooth but it is no fun without a comfortable webinterface.
Tim, would the licencing permit you to request a donation for beta testing - that's a model that could work well in regards to supporting you financially...lots of people like to have the newest/best features as soon as they're announced Smile

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