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Activating RPi 3B+ wifi for interface access
@Skip Pack

I'm assuming you really do mean SSID, i.e., you are trying to run your moOde player in AP mode. So is it configured to start up in AP mode? 

In the WiFi (wlan0) section of the Network config panel the SSID entry must be "blank (activates AP mode)". If you have entered any other value, your moOde player will start up in client mode and try to connect to any AP which has that SSID value.

Don't confuse this entry with the Access Point (AP) SSID entry in the next section of the Network config panel. The latter must have a value and "Moode" is the default.

Power down, unplug the wired ethernet cable, and power up again. Once booting is complete, "Moode" or whatever AP SSID you chose should show up in your Android phone's WiFi manager or in a third-party app such as WiFi Analyzer.

I quite like the Android app fing but it solves a different problem. It detects hosts on the LAN to which the Android device is connected and reports their IP addresses and hostnames.


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