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Problem: Moode 4.3 Albums by Artist not working
Moode 4.3 player is not showing thumbnails with the new install:Screenshot
Menu, Configure, Sources
- UPDATE or RE-GEN Album cover thumbnail cache
- Click VIEW cache status to monitor progress

The thumbnail cache assumes that the music collection is stored in the common Artist/Album directory structure.
hi, there,

i have same problem, a thumbnail named ' 01.jpg ' on each of my music collection files. i update and re-gen a few times, moode scans the folders, but not showing thumbnails when finish.

thanks to everyone for their contribution to my problem.

Zip up one of the albums thats not showing a thumbnail and email me a download link. I'll see if I can repro the issue.

I'm not seeing any issues with the album you sent but I'm testing on the updated code base for the upcoming moOde 4.3 update. The cover shows up in all the panels.


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