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Problem: No bluetooth audio output from AirPlay renderer
(09-05-2019, 09:38 AM)Norbert Wrote: => The idea would be Moode acts as the airplay receiver, passes the audio to the Dot over bluetooth

As long as this is the only job for the Pi Zero (means no other DAC's or USB audio devices at the PI) that is no problem.

Sorry missunderstood


Ahh, got my hopes up there. I suppose another way to tackle it would be to accept a line-in source and pass it to the Pi Zero's output. I saw in the Moode 5 release notes "support for new audio devices with line-in capability". The setup could be Echo > Aux Out > USB DAC line-in > Pi Zero audio out. Then the Pi could play an Airplay stream (still in sync, as I doubt that would be the case if it output Airplay to bluetooth), Spotify Connect, Local Libray, and anything coming from the Echo. I've used a program called CPiped that takes a line in and converts the audio to a named pipe. Is Moode by chance watching a pipe to do Airplay output?

MPD and each of the renderers are configured to output directly to the audio device via ALSA. You could use the HifiBerry DAC+ADC to easily switch between Echo connected to it's Analog input and MPD or renderer.

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