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currentsong.txt location
Hi all,
today has arrived my 16x2 LCD, and I start to scan the forums trying to understand how to "populate" it with info coming from Moode.
OK, I learned that I have to set "Metadata File = ON" and that in this way the file in the subject in updated whenever something changes in the Web UI. OK, clear.
I learned that this file should be in the /var/www folder..... but I found instead in the var/local/www folder. The location is changed in this last version or (most probably) I'm wrong?

And... I saw that in that file there are some basic elements of the currently played song. How should I retrieve, for example,  the track elapsed time (it seems not present in the file structure).

Thanks a lot in advance

Yes thats the correct location, /var/local/www/currentsong.txt

The key to determining whether to use currentsong.txt is that the file is updated within a 3 second polling loop by worker.php. If for example you want to display elapsed time in 1 second intervals, or use side-scrolling text etc then you will probably want to query MPD directly for all the information from a Python script that has its own 1 sec polling loop.

NOTE that there are some data values like the URL for the cover art that are not available by queuing MPD.

(04-11-2018, 11:36 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: .....then you will probably want to query MPD directly for all the information from a Python script that has its own 1 sec polling loop.....

Oh, in this case I assume that there's no need to set "Metadata File = ON", and that the Python script shall access the MPD looping continuously.
Please, could you get me some links from where get some piece of code to start? Consider that I'd like to use I2C interface for the connected display.

thanks in advance (also for you fantastic job)

If you are feeling adventurous, I have been using node-red to quickly develop and deploy:
- continuous polling systems
- web sockets instead of polling to avoid unnecessary requests
- file reading
- GPIO and other PI interactions done very easy

I think it's a great place to start, and if you are more comfortable with JavaScript than Python, then it's just the icing on the cake.

Best regards,
I'm not too adventurous, in the meantime I found a couple of nice examples. In this piece of code, depending of the status of MPD (if there's a song currently played), the code print 'system' info (e.g. IP Address, Temperature, other stuff) or song info (retrieving them from MPD, including timing and other stuff).
The only problem that I have to check, is that the example is made for a 4 lines LCD Display. I'm not sure if the LCD_Init function below is valid also for 16x2 Display ...

import smbus
import time

# Define some device parameters
I2C_ADDR  = 0x27 # I2C device address #this must be checked...
LCD_WIDTH = 16   # 20   Maximum characters per line (MODIFIED BY ME)

# Define some device constants
LCD_CHR = 1 # Mode - Sending data
LCD_CMD = 0 # Mode - Sending command

LCD_LINE_1 = 0x80 # LCD RAM address for the 1st line
LCD_LINE_2 = 0xC0 # LCD RAM address for the 2nd line
# LCD_LINE_3 = 0x94 # LCD RAM address for the 3rd line COMMENTED BY ME
# LCD_LINE_4 = 0xD4 # LCD RAM address for the 4th line COMMENTED BY ME

LCD_BACKLIGHT  = 0x08  # On
#LCD_BACKLIGHT = 0x00  # Off

ENABLE = 0b00000100 # Enable bit

# Timing constants
E_PULSE = 0.0005
E_DELAY = 0.0005

#Open I2C interface
#bus = smbus.SMBus(0)  # Rev 1 Pi uses 0
bus = smbus.SMBus(1) # Rev 2 Pi uses 1

def lcd_init():
 # Initialise display
 lcd_byte(0x33,LCD_CMD) # 110011 Initialise
 lcd_byte(0x32,LCD_CMD) # 110010 Initialise
 lcd_byte(0x06,LCD_CMD) # 000110 Cursor move direction
 lcd_byte(0x0C,LCD_CMD) # 001100 Display On,Cursor Off, Blink Off
 lcd_byte(0x28,LCD_CMD) # 101000 Data length, number of lines, font size
 lcd_byte(0x01,LCD_CMD) # 000001 Clear display
Maybe this proves useful?

I have not yet been able to play with such a display, so I am of little help. Sorry.

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