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Solved: MoOde Eating My SD Cards
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(10-08-2018, 12:57 AM)DRONE7 Wrote:
Quote:did anyone bother to actually read my initial post?

we did....and requested more info ...

You said you'd tried to "erase and reflash"   which is quite different to writing a new partition table....

Several suggestions have been made as to how to restore all those sdcards..... perhaps you would be good enough to tell us what worked ?  so others may benefit.

Then, if MoOde is now running and you've fixed your sd cards, mark the thread as 'Solved"

In order to write a NEW partition table you must be able to ERASE an existing partition table....NO??? YES???? 

Here is the sentence "If I try to reflash my SD card its READ ONLY and LOCKED...can not erase, can not reflash, its basically trash."

Have you ever used gparted etc? If so then you know very well that if a partition is READ ONLY you can not create a new partition table.

Take some time and read my very short but clear post #8. If anyone actually read that post they would realize that no further discussion on the subject is required.

I'm done here, this thread is no longer a subject to discuss.

Thread closed as per OP request.
Issue can be red as solved.

Thanks to everyone for their input

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