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Bandcamp / Soundcloud application
(11-06-2018, 11:31 AM)m00nf0g Wrote: >By the way, your moOde player does have a Bluetooth Adapter, right?

It was the pointSmile I just clicked that bluetooth option completetly without sense, I have RPi 2B, no Bluetooth. Although, still I can't see UPNP renderer in my bubbleupnp app...


This thread has no longer about a feature request.

Please start a new thread in the Support subforum. In it request help debugging your UPnP connectivity. Be sure to provide the information I asked you for in a previous reply regarding your networking environment.

Also, be sure post all the output from moodelog (if you're working from the command line) or from the UI's screen command M>Configure>System Config>System info. We can't diagnose your problem using a crystal ball.


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