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Moode 4.3 incomplete scan
Moode 4.3 has been scanning the "Music" directory of the Synology NAS for 3 days. And still has not finished...

Is this normal?

And it still lacks records, several tens, even hundreds.

For example, there is no Ben Harper and Kari Bremnes.

I have repeatedly reset the Raspberry and Moode 4.3, repeatedly erased and recreated the NAS, erasing the browser cache, and it's always the same: the directory is not fully scanned.

However, other applications (WMP, I-Tunes) scan it perfectly.

Can someone help me?
Sometimes the spinner does not get automatically cleared even though the update has completed. To manually clear it switch to the Playback panel and click any of the playback buttons.

You can verify the db update has completed by examining the MPD log and looking for an entry corresponding to the last a/bum/song file in the collection. It will also list any errors that occurred during the update.

cat /var/log/mpd/log

To watch the log in real-time during an update use the command below

tail -f /var/log/mpd/log
I have the same problem with an external hard drive containing the same directory as the NAS : incomplète scan.
Here is the result of the indicated commands:

[Image: 181023052902268083.jpg]

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