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Solved: Moode 4.3 - Python script creeps to 90% CPU over time
Hello friends,

I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else?
- Start the RPi with MoOde 4.3
- Check CPU and Mem usage with something like: $ top
- Repeat this procedure after some hours

What I get is that, while resting still and not even playing any music, a Python script run from the Pi user creeps up to around 90% CPU usage and there it stays, no matter what.

This is giving me higher temps than usual, problems with performance, etc.

I was wondering if anyone else is seeing this issue?  It may be one of the 'extras' I have in my system, so I wanted to discard any systematic 4.3 issue.

Thanks in advance,
What's the name of the script?
I was trying to figure that out just after I wrote my post. I think its my own Spotify web connect runner service. Sad I'll debug further and report back.

It appears it was the gevent and pylast dependencies of the spotify-connect-web package. Nothing to do with MoOde itself.

For those that may have found this issue a problem and have followed my instructions for running spotify through spotify-connect-web, here are some fix instructions:

They appear to have worked and the python script no longer creeps in CPU usage, but I will confirm after more hours of running the service.

I confirm that the procedures listed in the link above have fixed the CPU usage creep problem.
(10-18-2018, 04:42 PM)RafaPolit Wrote: I confirm that the procedures listed in the link above have fixed the CPU usage creep problem.

Nice detective work, Rafa!
Thanks, i was mostly lucky:
- I knew this didn't happen before
- Because of reports I knew that those PIP packages had presented new and 'incompatible' versions of their repos.

I just tried with those and got lucky. But it seems as though that particular approach is fast reaching its life expectancy. Sad

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