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suptronics x900 ES9023 config setting
On a whim I bought a SupTronics x900 DAC board.  It's based on the 9023 chip.  It was cheap and I'd always wanted to try a 9023 based board.  Any advice as to what I2S device setting would work best?  On the seller's web site they suggest using the HifiBerry Dac setting for Volumio without a specific suggestion for Moode.  The doc is a couple of years old.  I've tried that one, the first Audiophonics 9023 on the drop down list, and the Hifimediy ES9023.  All seem to work.
I have a Suptronics x5000 with the ES9023. Seems like any DAC config setting with the number 9023 works.
(10-18-2018, 11:01 PM)nosferatu_cat Wrote: On a whim I bought a SupTronics x900 DAC board. ...

Nosfeatu_cat: Any more feedback from your x900 experience? those seem to be selling for ~$20 with shipping from overseas.

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