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Quick background of my level of understanding.
I am an old C programmer working on prehistoric OS for a big corporation.
Thus I have some technical capability but not in a linux environment.
I am completely out of my comfort zone concerning media/audio processing.

I have a RPi 2 or 3 with moode 4.3 installed this month
I wanted to use this as a sort of central player/forwarder.
I tried Volumio and thought it rather good.
I have recently installed Moode.
I am very impressed with sound even to my ancient ears.
I have
Cambridge Audio DAC Magic
Crimson amp/preamp
JBL speakers

I have windows/linux/android systems and two other sound systems and I also have a presonus audio box for recording the next megahit (when I have managed to learn some chords).
Goodness me I ramble a bit. Age I suppose.

Anyway the point...
I was considering a couple more RPi/Moode boxes for the other sound systems and after doing some reading thought that the jackd package might facilitate all possible varieties of connecting source to sound system.
I have found no mention of jackd and Moode except in one Spotify post.
Is it possible/wise to use jackd with Moode?
How else might one 'play to' a Moode Box?

One request: If I add a radio station to my favourites it is listed as an ip address/port number. The resulting mental gymnastics may stave off alzheimers but I think I prefer to risk that in favour being told the station.

This is only my second post anywhere so I hope I have not broken any rules.

Thank you

Refer to the post below for info on the in-place software update for moOde 4.3. One of the improvements is to add station name in the Favorites and other saved playlists.

You can stream audio content to moOde from your devices via any of the Audio renderers including Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotify, Squeezelite or UPnP.

Hi Tim
Thank you. I will follow instructions.
I notice you say nothing of jackd. Should I infer this is a no go area?
I am interested in both streaming to moode and from moode.
In other words I want the ability to play from any moode to one or more other moodes.
This was my understanding concerning what jackd can do. Am I wrong?
Thanks again for the radio naming tip.
moOde does not include the capability to function as a source for simultaneous streaming to multiple other moOde players. That kind of functionality could be provided by something like SnapCast but its based a fifo pipe which IME is not that reliable.

I don't know anything about Jackd so can't really say whether it could be used for moOde to moOde streaming.

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