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moOde 4.4 Library panel enhancement
(04-02-2019, 07:45 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: This bug is fixed for moOde 5 production release :-)

OK. Thank you.
The "Disc" feature in the Library panel was intriduced starting with moOde 4.4 which is why the issue doesn't appear in versions < 4.4.

The code uses the tags that MPD supports.
(04-02-2019, 07:48 PM)ransmiller Wrote: ...

I'm using DISCNUMBER in my tag instead of DISC, if that make a difference.

<sidebar discussion>

Music metadata gets tricky. Each tagging scheme (ID3, Vorbis, etc.) uses its own metadata field names and values ("The wonderful thing about standards is there are so many of them."). The MPD plugins map many but not all of them into MPD's own tagging scheme.

Further, the names by which the metadata are commonly known are not necessarily the same as the names encoded in files. 

The metadata field whose name is DISCNUMBER in a Vorbis comment (in a FLAC file, say) and the metadata field whose name is TPOS in ID3v2.3 (in an MP3 file, say) get mapped by their respective plugins into MPD's "Disc". 

Despite that, the fields aren't quite the same semantically. Say you have disc 1 of 3 discs. The Vorbis scheme dictates encoding this as DISCNUMBER=1 and DISCTOTAL=3 while the Id3v2.3 scheme  packs both values into TPOS=1/3.

And disc number is easy compared to some other fields.  Rolleyes


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