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Solved: Large folder on USB HDD don't show up in Library
Hi everyone,

I have an external HDD plugged in a USB port with all my music on it.
Unfortunately the "music" folder which is at the root of the HDD doesn't show up in moode.

I am running Moode 4.3 2018-09-27 / Upd  (2018-10-19) / MPD  (0.20.20) on a RPI 2 B+.
The HDD is mounted alright, showing up in the sources, and showing another folder at the same level as my "music" folder.
I tried having the HDD plugged directly on the RPi and on a  powered USB Hub.
Is my folder too big? It is 300+ Go

As anyone encountered this issue? I looked on the  forum and could not find any similar problem.
Did u run UPDATE MPD database from the Sources screen?

If so then check the MPD log for errors

cat /var/log/mpd/log

Hi TIm,
I did run UPDATE MPD database.
After checking the MPD Log it appeared a file in a folder above the Music folder( (alphabetically) was creating an error and the process to stop.
I rename the folder in order to have the "music" folder on top of the tree.
It worked perfectly after that.

Thank you for the support and the great work.

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