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Build on Desktop Hardware? x86/Intel
Anyone build MoOde from source for use on a desktop OS?

What are the odds of getting MoOde to run in that environment?

I love the appliance approach, but my experience has been less than thrilling. I've never had issues like this with Pi hardware using them for the functions I mentioned above, irc bouncer, IRCd, etc. But using the Pi for things like MoOde, Volumio, et al, I get periods of lag to just not responding after a while. Pi2, Pi3, Class 10 card, junk card, proven power supply options, whatever. The music players just tend to keel over and croak for me.

Then I have to reboot the thing .. and eventually I'll just get the dreaded red LED only thing going on and have to figure out why the card won't boot anymore. Meanwhile several other Pi boards just keep going on doing their thing.

I'm setting up an internal GitLab server on CentOS so I can mirror a live one and having Samba on there with it, figured a slice of i7 and 36GB RAM should be at least as good as a Pi 3.

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