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Idea: Album sort options, auto add album to queue
(Moved from GitHub issues at Tim’s request)

Feature request 1:
Feature suggestion to add an option to allow changing the sorting method of the album cover view without going into Customize settings.
This is useful for those (like myself) with an eclectic music library, who often change whether sorting by Album Artist or Album, (and by extension Year, Genre, Composer, etc.)
This might suggest also repopulating the sub-title label for each album with the relevant metadata to make it clear where sorting changes happen (e.g. displaying the release year instead of Album Artist when sorting by year).

Feature request 2:
Feature suggestion to have a settings option to automatically add tracks following the selected one also added to the play queue when hitting “play” or “clear/play”. This might necessitate an additional contextual tap option when this is enabled along the lines of “play only” to add a single track to the queue.

iTunes implements this as follows: playing a track adds the rest of the album/open collection (e.g. artist music) to the play queue and starts playing. Right click options offer “play next” and “add to queue” (IIRC) which add an individual song to the front and rear of the play queue respectively.

Feature #2 is very similar to the way the Up Next queue works in iTunes. There have been several requests in the past that are are related for example:

a) insert track or album into the Playlist following the currently playing or last played track
b) select multiple tracks to be added by offering a check box after each track

Currently the Library offers the [Add, Play, Clear/Play] context menu when tapping the cover art or individual track. The cover art can represent the Entire Collection, Genre, Artist or individual Album.

I had (a) on the TODO list but will also look into doing something like your Feature #2 since it kind of does (b).

Feature #1 is non-trivial due to the structure of the data used to populate the Library list and cover panels. Its a JSON array (4 dimensions) thats generated on the server (Pi). It contains the entire MPD database.

// generate library {Genre1: {Artist1: {Album1: [{song1}, {song2}], Album2:...}, Artist2:...}, Genre2:...}

When the client Browser opens the Library list/covers this array is loaded entirely into the Browser's memory. The benefit is fast navigation in the Library panel. The disadvantage is that tag substitution, sorting or other types of data manipulation for example prefixing Album with Year involve regenerating the JSON array on the server.

The Library works well for collections that use typical Popular Music tagging e.g., Genre | Artist | Album or AlbumArtist | Song, but does not lend itself to Classical collections which are typically organized by Composer tag or by some other tag that is manually used to represent Composition.

There may be ways to make it more flexible but I'm not seeing anything obvious yet. It probably needs another dev to take a look at the code from a fresh perspective.

.I think it’d be doable client side, given that JSON structure — there must already be some kind of list manipulation happening to fold all the genres’ albums together and then sort by artist or album artist in the album view. Ill try to have a look at it when I get a chance.
In the sources, have a look at www/inc/playerlib.php function loadLibrary() and www/js/playerlib.js function filterLib()

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