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Upsampling Background
I posted this in the DIYAudio Moode thread in 2015, but I think it is worth putting here in the more focused thread.

John Swenson discusses his experience with upsampling in the following slimdevices forum post:

This started me on my experiments using SoX inside and outside Moode looking for the best match for my system. I think one group of SoX settings my be optimum for one DAC/Pi combination but not for others. As I've mentioned, I like SoX medium quality upsampling to 384/32 for my Allo Boss 1.0 on both my Pi2 under 3.8.4 and my Pi3Bplus with 4.1.

Very interested in this topic and the different matches.

My first line of thought was: who would I trust with upsampling? my $40 RPi running off the shelf software or my $1500 DAC? So I left the audio bit-perfect from the RPi (the very reason I bought the Pi and why I did everything I did!), and left my DAC to do the audio processing.

I may have under estimated the scenario, I am looking forward to some experimentation.

I'll report my findings wit external USB DACs which is all that I have.

Best regards,

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