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Idea: Save playlist button
Try entering "save" or "save playlist" in the search field, then clear (x) the search field to return to top :-)

Here's a solution for locating "Save Playlist" and "Set Favorites" buttons at the top of the UI. It makes use of a small, auto-hiding toolbar thats activated by tapping the ellipsis in the middle of UI header bar. The toolbar fades away if no click after 5 secs.

Also included is a new feature (the middle icon on the toolbar) to instantly toggle between the current and previous Playlist items. This comes in handy when you have two radio stations that you regularly swap between :-)


Good looking solution. Smile
(12-26-2018, 10:58 PM)swizzle Wrote: If more people want it we can look into a way to jump directly to the playlist buttons.

I think moOde 4.4 is excellent and Tim has done/is doing a great job but I can't see a need to change the position of the Save Playlist button.

I might be particularly odd (and I'm sure someone will tell me if I am!) but I hardly ever feel the need to scroll from one end of a playlist to the other. When I do it is a fast. Less than 5 seconds for the playlist I am listening to at the moment which has 2054 tracks.

This is on an old Google Nexus 5 phone. It is quicker on a PC using the scroll bar.

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