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Idea: Cover Art Transitions
Hi guys, me again ;-)

I know I can be a pain in the @zz with all my requests, some good, some rather stupid, but lately I have something else in mind...
It is actually some sort of collaboration between Coverview, Auto-shuffle and the Crossfade option.

The new Ashuffle option i.c.w. Crossfade works great. Songs are played randomly with an fantastic fading out/in.
And then, manually or after a few minutes, Coverview kicks in.

Now, you probably already see where I'm going, but I added here a little MS-PowerPoint presentation (as a zip-file, you need of course PP to view it) explaining what I would love to see in a future version of moOde.
I tried to keep the presentation as small as possible so I could add it here.

So, my question.... would it be possible to have a fade out/in for the coverview as well? It would be great if there is a transition of the cover art, in some sort of way (MS-PowerPoint has some great ones, as shown in the attached file). At this moment the transition is so abrupt and not nice at all. Poof, now you see one...and ...poof, no you see the next one…). A smooth transition would increase the graphical powers of moOde bigtime…

Can you at least think about this request?


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PowerPoint :-0

Yes, there are many transition effects available in CSS that could be applied but sometimes the effects can become annoying so they have to be carefully considered. Case in point was the CoverView backdrop which started as a gradient fill, then was replaced by a subtle color animation which some users fond annoying, then finally ended up as 3 options: Pure Black, Animated, Gradient :-)

I can't say where cover fade in/out will end up but we will check it out.


At least I'm glad you'll think about it and make it a discussion point in the team.
Again, as always, the simplest things are usually the best. Fade out/fade in...nothing fancy. I'm not asking for things like opening curtains (as shown in the PPT which you probably haven't seen :-)
And of course the transition should start at the end of the transition time (IOW when the new song started).
And if you think some people wouldn't like it, consider making it as an option, "yes/no smooth art transition"
Anyway, sorry my ideas always involve graphical stuff and not SQ related…


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