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Tidal Master on MoOde Audio
For sure Spotify Connect architecture is really nice. You can start playback on your phone and then take calls, turn the phone off etc and the Spotify Connect server keeps on playing your music because its the server thats receiving the audio stream and playing it to the audio device.

Airplay, Bluetooth and LMS/Squeezelite are all based on the client (Phone, etc) receiving the stream and sending the stream to the server. Airplay and Squeezelite though have built in multi-room sync audio so this architecture has its advantages.
(05-15-2019, 02:50 PM)RafaPolit Wrote: I'm on the iOS platform.  Most info I find is outdated.  I would like to see a good Bubble app on the iOS store, but what kills the experience is using a different UI than Tidal to interact with the catalog.  To be able to avoid that would be fantastic.

Ah ok, I didn't know Bubble was Android only, shame really as it would probably do what you were looking for.  When listening to Tidal on MoOde I would just use Bubble & it would let me browse playlists, all my favourite artists etc, there was no need to open the Tidal app at all, I only used the tidal app when using BT in the car.

If you trial Tidal & you like the service it offers maybe get a cheap 2nd hand Android phone off eBay, pre-pay SIM & just use it as a controller?
There are some UPnP apps for iOS as well. I have been trying mConnect Lite. It seems to do the job well.

It even sends the 'raw' MQA data if for some miracle you have a MQA enabled DAC. Unfortunately it does not take advance of the phone's ability to unfold the MQA so it sending the 'base' stream only.

It's not bad.

Audirvana from the PC is able to fully decode the MQA and send the stream via UPnP which is fantastic! My only issue is that, for some reason I have been able to cast to an USB-only Moode RPi perfectly, but my fully featured Allo DigiOne RPi is not working the same. Not sure if it's the HAT, or if one of the things I have installed on it is interfering with the UPnP ports, I need to debug further. But this is only happening with Audirvana, my phone can cast perfectly via UPnP to that device.

Still, I agree MQA seems a needless overhead in terms of price. The idea is nice, and could work great, but proprietary file systems are not the way to go IMHO.

Unfortunately, Qobuz is not available in my country (well, neither is tidal, but I do have an account), so I can't try actual hi-res files instead of folded MQA.

Still, I think mConnect is as good as I will get from mobile devices into Moode for the time being. Audirvana seems great for higher res UPnP.

Tim, you mention multi room in Airplay. It's true it is supported (natively in Airplay 2), but the iOS devices allow multi room for Airport Expresses nativley, but they won't allow multi room with the Moode version of AirPlay (ShairPort?). Anything I need to do to enable this? This is off topic, but since you brought it up!

Thanks. Best regards,
Right, from IOS the receiver needs to support Airplay 2 protocol. I thought shairport-sync was either at version 2 protocol or it could be a TBD.

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