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Quickly switch between renderers & playlists
I frequently toggle between listening to Playlists and using the Squeezelite renderer. It takes several clicks - [menu > config > audio > (scroll to renderers) > Squeezelite renderer ON > SET > Playback] to do this each time.

Now the reason I switch has to do with my audio setup: moOde plays through my main AVR in the family room, but I work in an adjoining room. Occasionally, I like to sync the music to my computer's audio using Squeezelite-x & piCorePlayer. That is, when my wife will let me.

Of course, I also have to pull up the music in Squeezelite-x. Lots of clicking...

So my feature request is to expose the renderers in a manner similar to the radio stations. Then I could put them into a playlist & click once.

Alternatively, if there is a way to sync multiple moOde players to the same playlist, I'd happily do that. Am I missing something there? I see Players on the menu, but its function is a mystery to me.

Thanks for all the great work to make the 4.0 --> 4.1 transition smooth!

The main issue with Squeezelite is that it does not signal events that indicate whether its playing or not. This makes it difficult / impossible for moOde to coordinate it with MPD like is done with Airplay, Bluetooth and UPnP, especially to coordinate volume.

Squeezelite does have the -C (secs) param that will cause the audio output to be released after N secs when it is not playing. This would allow MPD playback to be possible even when Squeezelite is running BUT if the audio device has a hardware volume controller then it will be at 100% (set when Squeezelite is started by moOde, and because moOde assumes Squeezelite will be using Software volume). This means that when you go to play something using MPD the volume knob will show one thing but in fact volume will be at 100% :-0

There is also the -V <mixer> param that could be added to Squeezelite config and coordinated with the mixer setting (Hardware or Software) in moOde BUT unfortunately when Squeezelite is using Hardware mixer it sets volume to 0 when it stops playing thus making it impossible to coordinate volume with moOde.

The Players >> feature lets you instantly switch to the UI of another moOde player but the 4.0 --> 4.1 update has a bug where a particular service file was missing that enables this feature to work correctly AND your network and client has to support mDNS discovery. Usually its Android clients that don't support mDNS.

If you want the Players >> discovery service file just send me an email.

Maybe just get a second PI and a nice 2.1 desktop speaker system for the Workroom :-)

This is a great idea! Me too I use Squeezebox server as a music source. Sometimes, I need to walk back and forth in tow adjacent rooms and I need synchronization. So, turning Squeezelite On or OFF in one click or too would be very useful.
This is all fixed in moOde 4.2 where LMS/Squeezelite integrate with moOde MPD similar to Bluetooth or Airplay.

Yes ! Looking forward to 4.2!
(05-31-2018, 01:57 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: This is all fixed in moOde 4.2 where LMS/Squeezelite integrate with moOde MPD similar to Bluetooth or Airplay.


Thanks so much for adding this capability.

I installed 4.2 on a new 3B+ and I really like the new look & features. Great work!

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