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moOde 4.5 info update

A few more screenies of upcoming moOde 4.5 :-)

Radio has been merged into the Library making it super easy to find albums or radio stations and then instantly play them. All panels include the nice Alphabits index search. The current Cover-play album/track or radio station is synchronized to the panels. State is maintained after page refresh or reboot.

moOde 4.5 also includes a substantial performance and reliability enhancement that results in Theme changes being instantly applied, faster boot and a more responsive UI :-)

There are a still few TODO list items to be completed so it looks like the 4.5 release will happen sometime in February.

These show: Album Instant Play, Playback panel, CoverView and the Tag panel with Alphabits

These show: Radio Instant Play, Playback panel and CoverView

These show: Graphic EQ and Parametric EQ which also work with Airplay and Spotify

Sounds promising to get a Alpha Bits index ! Other things would be great to get as an Option: e.g. I rarely listen radio as my library is big enough for music ( Yeah, I am old style guy that buys & rip CD's. So I would prefer to keep radio outside of my Library. On the other side IO never use Genres in my library. E.g. I like how iTunes displays "Last added" to see my newest disks first instead of searching them. Anyhow, seeing that you actively work on a new release is great !

BTW: wher could I find a better insight how the library is scanned and reflected in MoOde. E.g. I think my iTunes Collections have some difficulties to show up right in MoOde
BTW: Is there a configuration option to select what to see in the Music Library ?
Your best bet for investigating Library issues is to examine the MPD log for errors.
cat /var/log/mpd/log

Generally, we try to keep the number of options to a minimum so the UI doesn't become bloated but if a good case can be made for an option then we add it. What makes a good case varies but usually its things like below

- generally applicable
- obviously useful
- many users want it
Radio moving from a bottom tab to a library view is more of a conceptual change, if you don’t use it you’ll notice it even less in 4.5. I am subtly trying to get Tim to shift the button to the left side though so it remains in its traditional position though. Tongue
Yes, I suppose it should be on the left, lol
Sounds good Tim!
Noob questions: is bandwidth the Q factor? Will it update via its GUI or will we need to go the whole image/config process? BTW, I'm broke these day but will put a buck for your work as soon as I'm rich. Sorry, that can take some times...
RPi 2B / Allo DigiOne / SanDisk Ultra / Eth

Yes, Bandwidth = Q Factor

Should be an in-place update :-)

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