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A way to block links on the Moode UI? Or "parent-mode"?
I'm trying build an "appliance" for streaming radio and playing music off a USB stick for my parents using a Raspberry Pi with a touch screen.  They live several hundred miles away so I need it as bullet-proof as possible for the non-technically savvy.

I saw a forum post about password protecting the configuration menu and that would help a lot.  I also saw a post about a screensaver with larger text and a simplified screen layout and that would be great for their aging eyes.

But is there a way to block the link on the UI, under the album art, that takes you to another browser window?  This may be a problem when I'm on the phone trying to get them to press the little "X" on the new browser window tab to get back to the UI.

Is there an easy way to block any links to other browser windows from opening?

I'm sorry if this has been addressed before, but I haven't come across it.

The answer may be this....

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