moOde audio player

Audiophile-quality music playback for the wonderful Raspberry Pi family of single board computers.

Download moOde

Latest release is 7.0.1

Download moOde

The download zip contains a ready-to-use ISO image. Simply write it to an SD Card, boot up your Raspberry Pi and then view the Setup guide to get started. Additional information on using moOde is provided in the player via Menu, Quick help.

Download moOde 7.0.1
MD5: c729d70f201929f5994174b514eac14f

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Enjoy the beautifully designed and responsive Adaptive User Interface, extensive set of Audiophile options and support for a wide variety of audio devices designed to work with the wonderful Raspberry Pi family of Single Board Computers.

Highlights for moOde 7 series

Adaptive UI version 7.0
Radio, Folder, Tag and Album views
Advanced Library search/filtering engine
Radio view with sort/group and metadata
Selective resampling and Custom SoX recipes
12-band Parametric and 10-band Graphic EQ
Crossfeed for Headphone listening
CoverView full screen UI for Album Art
Album and Radio one-tap Instant Play
Auto-shuffle Track or Album mode
Bluetooth with w/SBC XQ CODEC
Airplay, Spotify, and Squeezelite renderers
UPnP/OpenHome audio renderer for MPD
MiniDLNA UPnP A/V media server
UPnP browser with folder scan
Qobuz and Tidal access via UPnP
LocalUI renderer for Touchscreen/HDMI display
WiFi Access Point (AP) Mode
Samba scan for easy NAS connection
Network scan for easy WiFi connection
Connect to other moOde players
64bit driver support for Allo USBridge SIG
Settings Export/Import and Auto-config
In-Place Software updates

Additional feature information

Audio devices Radio stations


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