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Full Version: Massive deleting a internet radio station
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Hello Friend
My next problem is a very simple, … now i don't have a option for massive deleting the radiostation (online radio).
I planned a delete soo many station, and provide own links. Now, deleting one by one its…. very uncomfortable.
Please add option for massive deleting elements.
You can do this via SSH by deleting files in the following directories.

I don’t really use the radio section but I was recently made aware that it supports folders so you can place your custom station collection in a folder and not have to worry about messing with the set that comes pre-installed by moode..
(04-06-2019, 10:05 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: [ -> ]You can do this via SSH by deleting files in the following directories.


Thanks Tim
Its on the TODO list but prolly not for October due to time constraints.
I tried to follow these tips. but when i use cd command for folders.
/ var / www / images / radio-logos
/ var / www / images / radio-logos / thumbs

comand rm o cd not work why? 
error received -bash: cd /No such file or directory.
it worked for the first folder, now when I delete a radio from the web interface, it stays like this, see image
sorry for my english . thanks
i found the correct directory
/ var / local / www / imagesw / radio-logos
/ var / local / www / imagesw / radio-logos / thumb
the problem is ... see image  [attachment=2090]
i regenerated the database but nothing happens
@ "Tim Curtis" Aiutami per favore ?
If you are trying to remove the built in radio stations simply switch to Radio view, click the cog icon to open the Radio Manager and for "moOde stations" select "Hide all"
this hides the problem but does not solve it. the radios I believe remain stored in the database. they are also present in the playlist
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