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Full Version: Nice to have: clicking performer searches for more
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Hi moOde fans,
(04-27-2019, 10:31 PM)JST1963 Wrote: [ -> ]Another idea would be, when you click on the performer (band, singer, artist...) that the library page is opened, and that the artist is selected automatically, with the result of displaying all other albums/songs of this artist.
It happens pretty often that I'm listening to a certain song and that I want to listen to more of the same artist. This would be a fast way to achieve this.
I’ve thought about adding that but minimizing playback (usually) scrolls to the currently playing album in covers view which is artist sorted, and in column view the album tracklist is shown and you can tap the current artist on the tracklist pane to show just albums by that artist so I never bothered, but if people are interested and Tim agrees it shouldn’t be any problem to add it as a shortcut.
Maybe an item on the ellipsis ... menu "More by artist" which performs an Advanced search in Folder view.
Hi moOde fans,
It could be a popup screen on Playback.

The result of Advanced Search is a list of tracks with a count at the top. Individual tracks are clickable and the total count at top can be clicked to add/play the entire list. There is no Album rollup.
Hi moOde fans,
I ended up implementing this in the following way based on some code @swizzle sent me.

Tapping the Artist - Album or Radio station name underneath the cover art in Playback switches to Playbar in Tag or Radio view. In tag view the artist filter is applied. In radio view the list is scrolled to the station.

It's a pretty convenient feature :-)
Hi moOde fans,