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Full Version: Include Restart under Clock Radio Settings
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I was hoping to request a feature, hopefully this would be a simple one.

Currently under Clock Radio Settings there is only a choice to Shutdown after stop, would it be possible to also add Restart after stop? I believe it would be a good feature to let this device reboot automatically too.

I know I can schedule something like that under Raspbian but to me this would be a worth while feature to have.

Thank You for an awesome project.
Hi moOde fans,
If there are more requests for it then can consider adding to the TODO list.

What the usage scenario where a scheduled reboot is needed?

Hmm interesting point but the environment that I'm going to be using MoOde in is inside my home and outside the home. One Pi is going to be setup in my kids room and will be powered on 24/7 I would want music to be triggered manually and just to make sure it doesn't play music all night long, timer for inactivity would also be a cool feature. My wife or kid are not as diligent as some on turning things off. They know how to turn on lights, tv, music and somehow its my job to run around turning everything off. Ohh and I guess killing spiders is also my job.

The second Pi is going to be powering speakers outside and the same rule applies someone turns on music and no one remembers to turn it off. I'm sure I wouldn't catch music playing every time. And I wouldn't want the neighbors irritated at me because music was accidental left on at night. So I figured a reboot or maybe some sort of an inactivity timer would work.

Raspberry Pi that run headless are sometimes placed in the most inconvenient locations in the house. Adding a feature to allow it to reboot every so often can prevent an issue where you can't reach the device physically and the web page or ssh is non responsive. Plus my wife or kid would't know what ssh is or what to do with it. Another reason for it is that I'm running PiVPN on this Raspberry Pi in conjunction with MoOde and a scheduled reboot can prevent things from becoming hosed up and not being able to access my network or MoOde remotely. It's just a good practice to have the option to restart on a schedule. Even things like routers have these kind of options built in.

I actually think that a reboot would be more requested or needed over a shutdown. As the nature of the raspberry pi is that it doesn't have a power button so after a shutdown one has to physically unplug it from the power and then plug it back in.
lol, you're the spider guy. Same for me at my house.

Non responsive WebUI and SSH should be rare and would almost certainly be due to something external to moOde software for example bad SDCard, modified image, network issues, etc.

Generally I don't add code to compensate for failures caused by factors external to moOde but I understand your point about scheduled restart being useful. One option that might be possible is to change "Shutdown Yes/No after stop" to something like below

Action [ ] after stop
- Reboot
- Shutdown

What do you think?
Yeah I agree that hardware issues or software instability should not be your job to compensate.

I think your suggestion would definitely be sufficient.

Action [ ] after stop
- Restart
- Shutdown

Lol since I have you on the line.... :-) maybe one more suggestion.
Inactivity timer - If no input for X amount of time stop playback. Kind of like how Windows puts your PC to sleep if it's inactive for X amount.
And good point I can argue here is same as before, wife turns things on but she gets really confused then she has to do the opposite and turn it off. I'm still in the process of teaching her to turn off the PC when she's done using it. Also that feature could be useful if someone has a Cap on their internet provider.

Kind of an unrelated story here....but...
My sister had tenants where she was sharing her internet connection and every month she was so close to the Cap because the tenants had no idea how to turn things off that were using data. At some point she had to tell the tenants that they need their own internet service because she was always riding up on the Cap.
Lets see if the "Action [] after stop" idea gets more traction with users.

The "Inactivity timer" idea is in the same boat as far as whether there are more requests for this type of thing.

Cool, Thank you for listening
(06-21-2019, 11:43 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: [ -> ]Lets see if the "Action [] after stop" idea gets more traction with users.

The "Inactivity timer" idea is in the same boat as far as whether there are more requests for this type of thing.


I intend to dabble into PiVPN too so I'd like to show my interest on @Im bored's proposal...
Hi moOde fans,
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