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Full Version: Volume control on mobile devices
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(08-31-2019, 12:24 AM)swizzle Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-30-2019, 08:54 PM)JST1963 Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-30-2019, 08:21 PM)swizzle Wrote: [ -> ]If volume control is disabled how do you expect moode to attenuate it? Tongue

Because if I recall 0dB still equals to 0.775V. And this 0.775V is picked up by my amp and converted into sound. Now, If I have to listen to this level, I will be deaf in no time. I have to attenuate my amp to let's say -10 to -20 dB to get a level to which I can continuously listen.

So, if we put a "mute" on the 0dB, so that the output is really 0V, my amp can't amplify anything anymore, hence complete silence.

Or did I go to the wrong school?

When volume control is disabled then moode is outputting at full volume and you use your amp to control how loud you want things. 

To do what I think you want we’d have to switch to software volume control, mute the volume, then switch back once you unmuted. Which is possible, except mpd requires a restart between those steps.

If pause has significant background noise with your amp then you could try software volume control, at 100% volume it’s probably more or less indistinguishable from having the volume disabled and it might give you some more flexibility.

I could see a case for making mute easier to toggle on mobile if volume isn’t disabled but I don’t know know if it’d be a common enough use case where we’d want to make it a default button (you can toggle it already in the volume popup). If we ever do configurable buttons we can add it for sure and for now we can give you code to add it to your particular moode.

Ah, I had forgotten that when MPD volume is set to disabled, MPD rejects all volume commands. It's not possible to set the volume to 0 to effectively mute MPD volume.

Case closed.
Could it be possible to disable the output for mute the volume in that case ?
(08-31-2019, 01:11 AM)Tim Curtis Wrote: [ -> ]Case closed. about disabling the currently playing outplut using an mpc command…

mpc disable output 1


mpc enable output 1

It has the same effect as muting an output....

Edit: TookaFace was ahead of me :-)

I tried, if MPD has 0 enabled output, then title is paused.

But you could add a null output who is constantly enabled, so even if you disable the currently output, title will not pause i think.

audio_output {
type "null"
name "My Null Output"
mixer_type "none" # optional

EDIT: Yes that work.
Not when you use the client commands (MPC).
When I engage MPC DISABLE OUTPUT 1 the songs keeps playing, just no sound on that output.
Maybe you have http stream output enabled ?

You can check your outputs with mpc outputs.

In my case, if i have only 1 output enabled, and i disable it using mpc command, title is paused.
Correct. Streaming was also on. When I disabled the streaming (so only one output active) and then disabled output 1 (default), the song stopped indeed....sob...
The null output trick work, but i don't know if it has potential negative effect.
I'm still not convinced that implementing mute for 0dB is better than just tapping pause. Mute requires two taps, one to open the volume popup and then a second to mute the output. Pause only requires one tap.
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