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Full Version: Moode in Google Nest Hub
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More of how-to request or hack request  Big Grin

I know Google hub does not provide/support web browser. I do see some work around like going to wikipedia and following links. Parhaps someone can create Moode wiki we can follow and show moode.local.
@ferdzb I am entirely sure what you are wanting to do, control a MoOde player via Google Assistant / hub?
Is there an opensource api?
It seems likely the Wikipedia path would be pretty useless from what I read about it. Even if the editors tolerated a moOde entry in Wikipedia I suspect it would have to link to It's vaguely conceivable that a moode.local link on could be resolved properly by the Chrome browser hidden in the Hub's Fuschia O/S. Even if this double-indirection hack works it sounds fiddly to me.

Of course you could simply link your Google Hub to your moOde player via Bluetooth and then, using the existing Google Hub actions, select and play tracks from YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora. 

Being a Google device, the Hub also provides Chromecast output. The last time I looked there weren't any useful open-source implementations of the Chromecast receiver functions. Without these, Tim can't turn moOde into a Chromecast renderer.

It's also possible to consider moOde as an IoT device and write moOde-specific actions for Google Home/Hub to execute. Maybe some enterprising IoT soul has already written Google Home actions to control MPD at least. It seems likely they would be pretty limited in functionality. I don't know enough about the Hub to know if one could coerce a useful display on it in this use-case.