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Full Version: after Update no wifi connections
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around the 20th november 2019 i have done a Debian update on my raspberry pi. i am not sure if something have been updated on moode audio too?!
But since then the Raspberry won^t connect again to my ssid.

and strange now i found out - one a wifi scan to have a AP called Moode - i am not sure but think it is new.

how to convincet to connect back to my network?

have a nice day
Start with a fresh image and don't apply any external updates.
ok i just wish to keep my debian clean and up to date
i found out it did loos the wlan settings
also if i do add a wpa_supplicant with the WLAN Information this file is deleted in /boot/
i also find out - i do scan the wlan find the ssid save it reboot and it still start in AP mode

and why a normal debian update affect your software?
so no way to fix it - sad
(12-13-2019, 05:16 PM)vikozo Wrote: [ -> ]so no way to fix it - sad

There are sadder things in life, just listen to some music and you'll be happy again... Wink (let MoOde player do what it was created for, playing MUSIC)