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Full Version: ALLO Isolator v1.2 .... Is it needed?
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Hi Tim,

I have the following setup: RPI 3B+ -> Katana DAC (Thd) -> TPA3255 Amp. The RPI & Katana are powered by the ALLO Shanti PSU.

Is the Isolator v1.2 needed between the RPI and Katana?

What will the pros and cons be, given that the Shanti already has a good isolation.
In my opinion this is unnecessary if the DAC has its own low jitter level generators. Isolator or reclocker is only helpful when the source of DAC timing are clocks from the Raspberry Pi processor. A debatable case will be when DAC timing is obtained through PLL synthesis as long as it is synchronized to the I2S signal. As a cons, it can only be unnecessary expenditure and unnecessary additional electricity consumption.
Galvanic separation of electric signals may in some cases be needed to eliminate problems with ground loops and eliminating (or reduction) currents whose source is leakage from the power grid. This last is very despicable from the directional arrangement implementation used in the extension. This is an independent problem from imperfect timing of signals sent to DACs