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Full Version: Low power state
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Hi all,

My first post here. And I have a few questions. My setup:

I have a couple of MoodeAudio v4's, running on a Rpi Zero's, using the squeezelite renderer, with  a LMS on a separate Rpi.
I control the playback with an Android app called Squeezer. This has been working great.
Now, one of the options in the Squeezer app is to turn on or off the chosen player.

As I monitor the temperature on my RPi's I can clearly see this 'Turn off' or 'Turn on' has an effect on the temperature of my RPi's. The temperature drops with about 10 degrees when 'turning it off'.
If I only stop playing ( and don't do the 'Turn off' ) then the temperature stays high, just as if it's still playing.

I would like to get the same behavior on a standalone MoodeAudio v6 without the squeezelight renderer, but how ?
I have been searching, but could not find a lot except for the script /var/local/www/commandw/
Does this script  cause the above behavior ? Or is controlled inside the squeezelight renderer itself ?
Tx !

Cheers, Ben
The LMS power off option simply idles squeezelite, it doesn't turn off the raspberry pi. Yes the script is what squeezelite runs when it receives a power command from LMS.