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Full Version: MPD update question
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I keep all my music in one folder with each band having its own folder within. When I add music from a new band i.e. create a new folder, I have to update the entire library for it to find this 1 new folder. Not efficient or time friendly.

Is there a way to inform MPD of the new folder w/o it having scan my entire music folder?

You don't have to do that no, just go to the File View, navigate to the parent folder, select the icon of the folder you want to refresh and select "Update Folder"
@vinnn I think the OP's dilemma is that he has created a new folder which won't show up in moOde's Folder view until MPD indexes it.

In this case indexing an individual folder and generating a thumbnail image would need to be done via SSH.

mpc update <folder path>
sudo /var/www/command/thmcache.php