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Full Version: Web-GUI, Airsonic, Multi-room and in-app receiver/pre-amp support.
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Just got into the Rasp-PI music-player game!
My system consists of:
Device: HIFI Digi+
Chip: Wolfson WM8804G
Interface: I2S
Formats: S16_LE, S24_LE
Platform: Pi-4B 2GB v1.1
PSU: iFi iPower Low Noise DC Power Supply 5V
moOde player: Release 6.5.2 2020-05-03
Pre-amp: Marantz AV7704 11.2
Amp: Monolith 7x200 Watts

Web-GUI not really designed for small devices, like smartphones, hard to hit the correct things.
Maybe re-design so that it changes depending on resolution (via css or similar)? Or add a smartphone app?
What about configurable background images on the GUI, like Volumio has?

Subsonic/Airsonic integration - is there currently any integration for this type of media, just like via smb/cifs? Are there be plans for it if not? Currently running Airsonic in docker...

Multi-room sync, LMS/Squeezelite is outdated, requires user from their pages, and is not really integrated into moOde. I see Tim Curtis says it is a lot of work, but it is really nice when it works properly! I really want to ditch my Sonos system! This is the only feature they have that I would miss if/when moving 100% to moOde, and actually probably make me keep my Sonos! Will try to not spend anymore money on their products though.

Apple-music support, I do not personally use it, but my kids do! Are there be plans for it? Think I saw someone mentioning something about it being a DRM-issue, is that correct?

Volume etc. control, most modern receivers/pre-amps have network control, maybe have a function to control volume from moOde? Home-assistant can turn on/off, change input and change volume on many receivers/pre-amps, so there is something to start from perhaps?

Thanks a bunch for the great player!