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Full Version: Browser title not being applied
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I just resurected an old RPi2 with HiFiBerry DAC for one of my rooms and tried to set a different browser title, just to not mess things up and I noticed nothing happens after I do it. It doesn't change on page refresh, and not even on reboot.

It's the same on both "moOdes" I got.
clear browser cache
I already did that. Also, in a newly installed browser I got "moOde Player" for both players.

I looked a bit in the source and I guess /var/local/www/header.php should be the file where title is set. I get:

       <title>moOde Player</title>

       <meta charset="utf-8">
       <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, viewport-fit=cover, user-scalable=no">
Looks like you have a bad or corrupt image.

Download and install a fresh 6.5.2 image from
OK. For the "new Rpi" I fixed if by reflashing and autoconfiguration picked the browsertitle setting.

But for the "old" RPi I'm using changing this in the System section in Settings doesn't work, even though I get the message that the setting was saved and I need to refresh my browser. Even after deleting browser cache and trying a newly installed browser, the title didn't change. What "fixed" it was editing the title in /var/local/www/header.php.